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I will give a tutorial in Globecom 2018 on “Molecular Communication: Methods, Simulations, and Experiments”

Dr. Nariman Farsad from Stanford University, Dr. Adam Noel from University of Warwick, Prof. Andrew W. Eckford from University of York, and me will give a tutorial onĀ “Molecular Communication: Methods, Simulations, and Experiments”.

This tutorial introduces the emerging field of molecular communication wherein chemical signals are used to connect “tiny” machines such as living cells, synthetic biological devices and swarms of micro-scale robots. The tutorial begins with an overview of molecular communication systems and how they are modeled; each has a Transmitter, the Propagation Channel, and the Receiver, just as in a conventional communication system. Specific channel and noise models are presented and the derivation of channel impulse responses is discussed. Signal processing via chemical and genetic circuits is described. An overview and demonstration of specialized simulation tools is provided. The tutorial concludes with a discussion of the recent experimental implementations of molecular communication, and some of the most important open problems in this exciting new area.