PhD Candidates and Graduates

  • Sep. 2018-Now Mr. Dadi Bi, KCL.
  •   Topic: Microfluidic Molecular Communication
  • Oct. 2016-Now Mr. Nan Jiang, KCL.
  •   Topic: RACH Analysis and Optimization in NB-IoT Networks (co-supervised with Prof. Nallanathan A.)
  • Aug. 2017-Now Miss  Lanting Zha, QMUL.
  •   Topic: Molecular Communication (co-supervised with Dr. Maged Elkashlan)
  • Nov. 2017-Now Miss  Yan Liu, QMUL.
  •     Topic: NB-IoT Networks (co-supervised with Dr. Maged Elkashlan)
  • May. 2015-Oct. 2017 Dr. Sunila Akbar, KCL.
  •   Topic: Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Energy and Spectral Efficient Techniques (co-supervised with Prof. Nallanathan A.)
  • May. 2015-Jul. 2016  Dr. Ali Al Talabani, KCL.
  •   Topic: Enhancing Physical Layer Security in Cognitive Radio Networks  (co-supervised with Prof. Nallanathan A.)
  • May. 2015- Jul. 2016  Dr. Mhd Omar Al-kadri, KCL.
  •   Topic: On Full Duplex Wireless Networks: PHY, MAC, and Network Layers  (co-supervised with Prof. Nallanathan A.)

Visiting Students:

  • Oct. 2018-Now Mr. Shengzhi Yang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
  •    Topic: UAV communications
  • Feb. 2017-Now Mr. Xuanxuan Tang, PLA University of Science and Technology, China
  •    Topic: Markov-based Energy Harvesting
  • Nov. 2017-Mar. 2018 Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Sial, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
  •    Topic: V2X Communication
  • Sep. 2016-  Mar. 2017 Mr. Dian Fan, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
  •    Topic: Massive MIMO

Visiting Scholars:

  • Nov. 2015-Sep. 2016 Dr. Jie Jia, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China
  •    Topic: High Availability Optimization (co-supervised with Prof. A. Hamid Aghvami)
  • Nov. 2015-Sep. 2016 Dr. Jian Chen, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China
  •    Topic: D2D communication (co-supervised with Prof. Mischa Dohler)
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